Barrel Prototyping and Manufacturing

Rifle Barrel Manufacturing

rifle-barrel-blank-sizes-calibersEntrust offers barrel blank prototype production to support our customers with challenging applications, while further developing deep hole drilling technologies and pushing the limits of the rifle barrel industry.

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We offer barrel blanks with industry leading precision. Entrust uses UNISIG precision machine tools in manufacturing, to elevate the standards for firearm accuracy with approachable costs. Our tech center can offer very short lead times on new barrel designs, due to our application experience, stocked material, and strong relationships with tooling suppliers.

The prototyping phase includes both part and process development, and prototype production. This allows customers to justify the purchase of dedicated UNISIG barrel manufacturing equipment, and simplifies the startup of production volumes in our customers’ own facilities.

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Rifle Barrel Blank Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Dimensions
    • .17 – .50 caliber
    • Outside diameter to 2.25 in
    • Lengths to 30 in
  • Materials
    • 416R Stainless Steel
    • Alloy Steel
    • CrMoV
    • Certified MIL-B-11595 Alloy Steels
    • Customer specified special and exotic materials
  • Operations
    • Gundrill
    • Gun ream
    • Button rifle
    • Optional stress relieving
  • Quality
    • Faced and chamfered blanks
    • Straightness pin check
    • Air gauging for diameter and profile
    • Digital bore scope inspection
    • Reduced runout and improved concentricity with UNISIG deep hole drilling equipment

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