Automation and Integration

System Integration with Automation – Experience and judgement make all the difference when evaluating an automation project. Entrust has the engineering, manufacturing, and service capabilities to develop and integrate successful projects, based on many years of experience. Entrust is a robot integrator, but also provides custom designed, dedicated, and flexible automation when a standard solution is not practical.
Case Overview: Automation of Fuel Component System
Automation of UNISIG deep hole drilling machines for fuel components
Three individual drilling stations for each part | Robotic loading and inspection | System manufacturing | Runoff | Installation and support

Case Overview: Barrel Manufacturing Cell Automation
Automation of UNISIG drilling machine cell for various diameter barrels in production environment
Integration of bar stock loading | Automatic Saw | Chamfer machine | 4-spindle drilling machine | System manufacturing | Runoff | Installation and support

Case Overview: Drilling System Automation
Automation of UNISIG gundrilling machines for high volume precision component production
Four identical systems installed simultaneously | 6-axis robots mounted to X-axis to extend work envelope | Pallet feed conveyors, escapements, and sensors | CNC programming and system runoff | Production volume: 1.9 million units annually

Case Overview: System Integration and Automation
Automation of Entrust production machine tools to produce automotive components
Three cam-driven rotary transfer machines | Three 6-axis robots with conveyor feed system | One high speed broach and discharge | System manufacturing | Runoff | Installation and support | Production rate: 600 parts/hour

Case Overview: Automated Transfer Machine
Automated transfer of 13-ton military vehicle hull through machining system
Engineering support | Automation electrical systems hardware | Software development | Installation service | 5 control stations | Servo-hydraulic motion | Automatic pallet clamping | Fluid power controls | Safety interlocks | Documentation | Remote monitoring service | Final Installation: 87 meters long