Engineered Retrofits

cnc-retrofit-machine-gearbox-tEngineered Retrofits – Entrust’s experience in engineering and manufacturing provides the skills to retrofit high value machine tools to have up-to-date technology and capabilities. Retrofitting includes: modular engineered solutions, full documentation, training, and warranty. Machine types include: CNC horizontal spindle boring machines – floor and table, CNC vertical spindle milling machines – gantry and bridge, CNC lathes – large horizontal and vertical spindle, large specialized machine tools with unique capabilities that are not easily replaced.

cnc-machine-retrofitting-controls-tMachine Controls – Electrical cabinets with safe energy efficient power electronics | CNC systems from Siemens or Fanuc for increased performance and reliability | Digital servo drives and spindle motors | Secondary feedback devices – scales, encoders, probes, etc. | Main operator consoles and remote interface units | Remote I/O for simplified wiring and expanded system capacity | Industrial networking for process monitoring, data collection, and remote diagnostics | Global standards for potential machine tool relocation
Siemens | Heidenhain | Fanuc | Allen Bradley

cnc-retrofitting-machine-spindle-tMechanical Retrofits – High performance ballscrews, modular bearings, and planetary drives for bolt-on reliability | Machining headstock upgrades for increased speed or torque, with reduced complexity | Machining spindle replacements with power drawbar and through spindle coolant capabilities | Automatic tool changers | Fluid power systems – hydraulics, lubrication, temperature controls | Cutting fluid reservoirs, pumping systems, chip removal, and filtration | Machine enclosures with safety interlocks | Major structural components – additional axes or extended travels

machine-retrofitting-engineering-tMachine Rebuilding – Bed way grinding or replacement | Major precision copmonent reconditioning | Painting and coating | Assembly with geometric accuracy checks and alignment corrections

machine-retrofitting-accessories-2-tNew Machine Accessories –
Automation | Machining heads | Workholding devices

machine-retrofit-cnc-components-tRetrofitting Process – Entrust works closely with customers with needs for retrofitted machine tools, resulting in an ideal solution for the customer, and an extensive history of knowledge. Process includes: Understanding customer’s intent for use of equipment, and evaluating effectiveness of new technologies adapted to the machine | Reviewing machine tool condition and original design to determine if retrofit or rebuild is a wise technical and financial decision | Providing budgetary costs and projecting timing estimates, based on standard sales tools | Identifying project unknowns or potential sources for cost overruns