Machine Building

Machine Building

Mechanical Assembly

Assembly involves more than just bolting components together, it requires skill and experience to produce a finished, effective system. Skilled builders measure and align, ensure accuracy, hand-scrape, and finish with laser alignment. Our facility is equipped for precision assembly, including climate controlled assembly bays, bridge cranes, precision alignment instrumentation, granite tables, surface plates, and precision squares and levels, a laser measurement system, and vibration analysis tools.

Fluid Power

Quality fluid systems contribute to reliability, lower maintenance, and long term durability. Systems include hydraulic power and control systems for actuators and motion, closed systems with temperature control for gear trains and spindles, open systems for slide way lubrication, refrigerant circuits for integral spindle cooling, and cutting oil delivery systems for up to 200 bar operating pressure and 20,000 liter capacity.

Control Panels and Machine Wiring

Complex control panels are wired by experienced technicians, following applicable regional standards and best practices, developed to ensure machine reliability. Control panels are tested prior to transport to the machine assembly floor.
Superior machine wiring includes intelligent routing decisions, determined with experience, and based on environment -
vibration, future maintenance, and safety. Quality workmanship in these areas is valued and reinforced, and directly
related to machine reliability.