t-complex-project-managementProject Management - Entrust is experienced in managing high-value, complex machine projects. We follow disciplines of customer design approvals, and ensure equipment and activities in our customers' plants are considered. MRP/ERP systems drive production scheduling and bill of materials with real-time labor tracking, and also work to maximize scheduling and inventory. Upon completion, support issues are tracked with an SQL database giving support teams immediate and valuable information to resolve the case quickly.

t-mechanical-engineeringMechanical Engineering - A deep understanding of metal cutting machine tools results in durable solutions for manufacturers. Simple solutions are often the most effective, yet hardest to find. Entrust's mechanical engineering team approaches new challenges with an open mind, as well as the experience from thousands of projects. Machines, components, and automation are designed in-house with 3D parametric modeling tools. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and dynamic simulations are performed to refine engineering and optimize for performance and cost.

t-electrical-engineeringElectrical Engineering - Entrust routinely implements complex motion systems using various standard CNC and PLC platforms. Control workflow and testing provide a very reliable machine, regardless of complexity or operating environment.

t-precision-component-manufacturingPrecision Component Manufacturing - Large and complex machine components are engineered and produced in-house. Skilled machinists use 3D CAD data to generate tool paths on Entrust's fleet of CNC machines, allowing production of specialized componentry of significant dimension and complexity, all while maintaining cost- and time-sensitivity. Our in-house machine shop can produce individual parts weighing up to 50 tons, as well as smaller component manufacturing on multiple pallet horizontal machining centers and precision CNC turning machines. [view our machining services]

t-precision-mechanical-assemblyPrecision Mechanical Assembly - Assembly involves more than just bolting components together, it requires skill and experience to produce a finished, effective system. Skilled builders measure and align, ensure accuracy, hand-scrape, and finish with laser alignment. Our facility is equipped for precision assembly, including climate controlled assembly bays, bridge cranes, precision alignment instrumentation, granite tables, surface plates, and precision squares and levels, a laser measurement system, and vibration analysis tools.

fluid-power-system-tFluid Power Systems - Quality fluid systems contribute to reliability, lower maintenance, and long term durability. Systems include hydraulic power and control systems for actuators and motion, closed systems with temperature control for gear trains and spindles, open systems for slide way lubrication, refrigerant circuits for integral spindle cooling, and cutting oil delivery systems for up to 200 bar operating pressure and 20,000 liter capacity.

t-control-panel-machine-wiringControl Panel and Machine Wiring - Complex control panels are wired by experienced technicians, following applicable regional standards and best practices, developed to ensure machine reliability. Control panels are tested prior to transport to the machine assembly floor.
Superior machine wiring includes intelligent routing decisions, determined with experience, and based on environment - vibration, future maintenance, and safety. Quality workmanship in these areas is valued and reinforced, and directly related to machine reliability.

t-programming-cnc-machine-toolsProgramming - Entrust develops CNC and PLC software for machines using industry best practices, further refined by our experience. Machine reliability, dynamic performance, ease of use, multi-lingual, and diagnostic and remote access requirements are fulfilled by capable control engineers and technicians. Entrust maintains current development software licensing for Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhain, and Allen Bradley industrial controls.

t-machine-training-and-supportTraining and Support - World class support is provided by Entrust's own team, as well as a network of exclusively trained service experts. Support is provided by phone, remote access via internet, and on-site visits with Entrust's engineers and technicians, as well as certified service providers globally. Additionally, support issues are utilized to identify opportunities for future improvements and more valuable training content.