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t-mold-drilling-machineUSC-M50 Drilling and Milling Center
Mold manufacturers reduce setup and changeover time by combining processes into one machine.
Featured Capabilities: 7-axis CNC | Automatic pallet changer | 120 tool changer | Full enclosure guarding
Benefits: Reduced changeover time for mold manufacturing by allowing multiple drilling and machining methods with one setup [click for more]

t-tube-sheet-drillingUSC-TS32 Tube Sheet Drilling Machine
Multi-spindle BTA drilling machine handles tube sheet drilling efficiently while maintaining accuracy
Featured Capabilities: Multiple independent spindles | Traveling column
Benefits: Increases production time of heat exchanger tube sheets by 50% without sacrificing accuracy [click for more]

t-deep-hole-drilling-machineB1000 Deep Hole Drilling Machine
BTA deep hole drilling machine handles large workpieces for defense applications
Featured Capabilities: BTA drilling up to 400mm in diameter | Swingover bed of 1m | Drill depth of 4m
Benefits: Ability to meet straightness and roundness tolerances in extremely long, heavy workpieces [click for more]

t-production-drilling-with-robotUNI Drilling Center with Automation
Integration of UNISIG drilling machines with additional production processes in an automated cell
Featured Capabilities: Integrated drilling center with 4-spindle BTA drilling | Additional manufacturing processes - cutting to length; chamfering | Automatic part loading | Robotic automation
Benefits: Three shift production while meeting statistically capable tolerances | Maintains accuracy across a variety of part and drill sizes [click for more]

t-geared-transmission4-Range Geared Transmission for Main Spindle Drive
High efficiency, high speed gear system for machine tool operation
Helical gearing in constant mesh | Ultra-high accuracy ground gears |Simulation and verification using Kissoft AG | Power to 120 kW [160 hp] | Torque to 27,162 Nm [20,035 ft-lbs]

siemens-control-engineering-tSiemens 840Dsl CNC for Complex Machining
Highly critical part environment - Eight servos in coordinated motion with two independent spindles
IEC standards | Tropicalization of electrical systems | Remote monitoring

t-pallet-changerAutomatic Pallet Transfer System for 15 Ton Parts
Extends unattended machining and flexible manufacturing for large, complex workpieces
Multiple pallets | Dual loaders | Integrated high accuracy location and clamping | Safety integration

t-automated-gundrilling-centerUNI Gundrilling Center with Automation
Automated cell brings workpieces through multiple drilling steps efficiently and accurately
Featured Capabilities: Thee station gundrilling machine | Robotic automation
Benefits: Automatic drilling of 3 holes in single workpiece, completely automated [click for more]