Vortakt OEM Components

Entrust’s Vortakt division partners with OEMs to provide gundrilled components to customers’ specifications, in volume quantities. Vortakt leverages modern technology and tooling, including UNISIG machines, to support a range of industries with gundrilling requirements.
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What We Do – Vortakt’s experience in gundrilling, along with disciplined process engineering, allow us to produce critical gundrilled components to customer specifications. Parts are manufactured on UNISIG deep hole drilling, reaming, and rifling machines with modern tooling and automation. Customers that rely on Vortakt’s manufacturing services are typically handing off overflow production, or supplementing gundrilling before installation of UNISIG machines.

Industries Served – Vortakt supports OEMs with deep holes up to 0.50 inch diameter, serving industries such as firearms, medical, and automotive. We are familiar with the specific challenges related to each industry, as well as what it takes to run an accurate, efficient, and repeatable gundrilling process. Customers depend on us to support their supply chain with gundrilled components to keep them up and running, while focusing their own resources on the rest of their business.

Why Partner with Vortakt? – Vortakt operates with a critical combination of manufacturing technology, intelligent resources, and experience, and is backed by the Entrust Manufacturing Technologies. From precision deep holes, to high-accuracy barrels, Vortakt consistently produces industry leading parts that exceed customer expectations.