About Us

t-machine-tool-manufacturing-facility-1Who We Are – Entrust creates solutions for manufacturing and machine tool industries, from beginning to end, engineering to end product. Our experience spans several industries, including automotive, aerospace, and oil & gas. We work with industry leaders worldwide to push technology and continually develop solutions for a changing market. Our products range from standard machine tool lines, to fully custom engineered systems, and include additional technologies such as automation and integration.

t-entrust-manufacturing-capabilities-1Manufacturing Capabilities – True capabilities are brought about by the combination of talented employees and the investment in machining and manufacturing technology. Entrust’s extensive capabilities allow us to create and delivery superior solutions, resulting in precision machine tools, custom engineered products, and related services. Components are designed in-house, and either manufactured in our machine shop or procured from a carefully selected supplier network. Machines are assembled in our Menomonee Falls, WI facility, where they are laser aligned and tested before shipping and installation. Entrust also provides high precision machining services for production of customers’ own parts.

t-advanced-manufacturing-technologies-entrust-1Industry Leaders – A rich history of machine tool manufacturing, and responsiveness to an ever-changing global market has earned Entrust in a strong place in the global market. We have produced equipment that is currently in use around the world, manufacturing highly technical parts for globally recognized companies. Our attention to the needs of the market, close relationships with suppliers, and our development of capable technology has established our reputation as a global leader in the market. [view customer references]

t-machine-tool-builders-1Our Team – Talented engineers, machinists, technicians, and professional staff come together to push the boundaries of manufacturing technology. Our team is experienced in overcoming the complexities of machine tool building, as well as developing creative, effective solutions. Employees follow projects through from application analysis to installation and training. [join our team]

t-machine-tool-facility-interior-1Entrust Facility – Entrust’s modern facility in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, includes a capable machine shop, multiple assembly bays, and a depth of resources that contribute to successful machine tool manufacturing. [view facility details]

t-machine-tool-factory-1History of Growth – Entrust was founded in 1973, and through the prioritization of capable leadership, calculated investment, and global expansion, we have become the force we are today. [view history timeline]

t-skilled-technician-machine-tool-1Investing in Ourselves and our Industry – Entrust prioritizes building value and capability into a skillful manufacturing technologies company. We recognize the short- and long-term value of investing in our employees, facility, and network; in turn, investing in the machine tool industry. We have built value into a company with advanced technology and facility, and an educated and experienced team, all of which contribute to a fully capable company for machine tool technologies. Because of this, Entrust is continually developing and implementing technologies for our industry and for the benefit of your company.