Why Work Here

engineering-careers-at-entrustWhat does a career at Entrust look like?

“I love working in a challenging environment, where I have the opportunity to solve problems and continually learn. Entrust provides just that. I’m self-driven and naturally curious, and I take pride in my work. I feel like I really make a difference here.”

If this sounds like you, consider joining our team. Employees that thrive at Entrust are driven to learn, and to improve both their work and themselves.  Thriving employees are proactive in addressing challenging situations and applications, involved in the bottom line of the company, and enjoy the dynamic nature of our company.

t-competitive-pay-in-manufacturingCompetitive Pay and Benefits – Taking care of employees is our first step in building a great company. Entrust recognizes the value of our employees. We offer competitive salaries, coupled with a rich health insurance program and 401k plan with employer matching. Employees receive vacation, holiday, and personal time, as well as dental, vision, disability, and life insurance. We also offer tuition reimbursement options.

t-opportunities-for-advancementOpportunities for Advancement – Rare opportunities exist at a small, quickly growing company, for those who make a difference. Individuals who take initiative, propose ideas, and accept challenges are recognized as future leaders. Our success is in large part due to the confidence that our customers have in our employees’ abilities.

t-job-training-employee-investmentTraining and Individual Investment – We rely on our staff to make important decisions. Employees have access to training, and are challenged to continually grow. Management invests in opportunities targeted to grow the experience and versatility of the team, encouraging personal and organizational growth.
“This company is never boring. We’re always moving forward and investing in our employees to continue our positive growth.”

t-international-businessInternational Opportunities – We serve customers in many countries, which provides opportunities for professional and technical employees to gain experience and insight into the challenges and innovative solutions for a global engineering and manufacturing company. This also includes opportunities for domestic and international travel, for those who desire to see the world.

t-machine-tool-innovationFrom Standard Products to R&D Initiatives – Customer needs change with global market forces and emerging technologies. We invest in our product lines through R&D, resulting in standard products that are highly competitive, and lead the market in manufacturing technology. Standard products are produced both to order and for stock, allowing us to manage workload and respond to requests for fast delivery.
“I get to do something different every single day. There’s a lot of variety that keeps it interesting, and keeps me motivated.”

t-teamworkCollaboration and Teamwork – Putting together a group of talented people allows the development of advanced end products. The result of this is a culture of collaboration and teamwork, which puts talented people together and allows them to achieve a higher level of performance than they would as individuals. Collaboration extends beyond direct employees – suppliers, customers, and outside service are part of our team that achieves the success and high standards demanded by our industry.

t-creative-thinking-jobCreative Thinking and Customization – The challenges presented by our customers allow us to get creative with problem solving. Entrust uses these to achieve impressive technical results, pushing us ahead of competitors. Employees are given exposure to aspects of creative design, engineering, manufacturing, and business management.
“I’ve learned more at Entrust than I’ve ever learned before. The work environment is challenging and offers a lot of opportunities for growth.”

t-diverse-industriesDiverse Customer Base in a Variety of Industries – Our products and services supply a variety of interesting industries and applications. Clients in industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, and oil & gas require the machinery, automation, service, and technical expertise that Entrust provides. Our customers are recognized as leaders in industry – Caterpillar, Siemens, Halliburton, and General Electric, to name a few. [view customer testimonials]

t-interesting-workEngaging Work and Advanced Technologies – Employees find interest in their work, and often merge work and hobbies. Work is a necessary part of life, but it doesn’t need to be the least enjoyable part of it. Our business activities, by their nature, provide an intellectually stimulating, interesting, and in some cases, consuming environment in which a successful living is made. Advanced technologies related to engineering tools, manufacturing equipment, electronics, and software intelligence are part of our daily endeavors.

t-pride-in-manufacturing-careerPride in the End Result – Employees thrive with Entrust who enjoy taking on challenges, developing new solutions, and finding reward in a job well done. Entrust is fortunate to have an appreciation for the impressive results of a strong group of people working together. [consider joining us]

Our company is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Applicants can learn more by viewing the federal “EEO is the Law” poster at EEOPost.pdf, EEOPostSupplement.pdf, or PayTransparencyNotice.pdf. You can also view Entrust’s EEO Policy Statement.