Machining Careers

Machining Careers at Entrust

machining-jobs-entrust-equipmentEntrust manufactures precision components required for our UNISIG line of deep hole drilling machines, as well as complex automation and specialized applications. Our machine shop is critical to our success, and we foster a strong working relationship between machinists, technicians, and engineers, in order to build the best possible end products.Components range from intricate robot grippers weighing a few ounces, to massive machine columns at 25 tons. Our toolmakers work together with CNC machinists to cost effectively produce single part requirements and small lot sizes.

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Machinists at Entrust plan their own setups, select tooling, program the job, run the machine, and inspect the finished parts. They also have the opportunity to see their parts assembled with other precision components, in the end product of high performance machine tools.

cubic-machining-services-machine-shopEntrust machinists benefit from the following:

  • Clean, well-lit, air-conditioned shop
  • First shift with overtime available
  • New and well maintained machine tools
  • Modern tooling systems, well stocked tool crib
  • MasterCAM programming at machines, latest versions always available
  • Interesting work with a wide variety
  • Management support for innovation and testing new ideas
  • Support by other machinists to develop better methods and skills
  • Training to stay current with advancing technology
  • Opportunities for training in related areas – machine building, robot programming, etc.

double-column-large-part-machining-capabilitiesEquipment Detail for Component Manufacturing:

  • CNC Vertical Machining Center (VMC)
  • CNC Horizontal Machining Center (HMC)
  • CNC Horizontal Boring Mill (HBM)
  • CNC Turning Center (Lathe)
  • Toolroom Machines (Grinders, Bridgeport)
  • API T3 Laser Tracker and Spatial Analyzer software for inspection.

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